Fault Management

We help Network Operators manage their networks proactively – to prevent and repair faults, keep their customers on supply and maximise returns on their infrastructure investments.

Every fault matters

Adoption of low carbon technologies is growing fast, making customers increasingly reliant on the continuity and quality of the distribution network. That’s made finding and repairing LV faults an even more pressing priority.

At Kelvatek we’re leading the way with cutting-edge solutions for LV fault location and management. You’ll find our smart devices, services and software deployed by every DNO across UK & Ireland, helping them anticipate, prevent, repair and manage faults more effectively.

We’ve amassed decades worth of experience from real-world networks, providing unparalleled insight into every stage of the fault management lifecycle. We’re harnessing the power of that data to enable better-informed network management strategies for our clients.

As the challenges of managing networks safely and sustainably become tougher, we’re here to help Network Operators drive operational efficiencies today – and embrace the opportunities of a low carbon future.

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Reducing CI CML

Reducing CI and CML

Our solutions play an essential role in maintaining quality of supply for customers, minimising CI/CML and maximising incentives for DNOs.

Staff Safety

Keeping staff safe

Our smart devices contribute directly to safety, helping field engineers repair faults with reduced exposure to potentially hazardous situations.

Efficient operations

More efficient operations

We help customers to predict, repair and prevent faults more efficiently, reducing time on-site and optimising the deployment of equipment.

End-to-end Fault Management

End-to-end fault management

Our devices, services and software assist clients in implementing more proactive fault management and prevention strategies.

Optimise network performance with Sapient

Kelvatek’s comprehensive suite of services provides Network Operators with round-the-clock visibility and control over their LV networks.

Combining advanced analytics and the vast experience of our technical support team, Sapient transforms data collected from our smart devices in the field into actionable insights. Helping operators to pre-empt costly faults, effect repairs more efficiently and minimise customer interruptions.

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Supporting Network Operators

We’re working in close collaboration with all UK & Irish DNOs to enable more effective, proactive fault management strategies and optimise the performance of their networks.

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Experience in action

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Unrivalled LV test facilities

At Kelvatek we remain committed to R&D, key to this is our unique test facilities. Comprising of dedicated cable health labs and a live electricity network, we are able to monitor faults from their infancy, right through to a permanent fault condition.

The network is constructed of multiple cable types that can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations. Faults can be added to the network in a specially constructed fault trough which allows us to investigate faults mid-cable, at joints and at cable ends. This also allows us to evaluate the behaviours of faults in different ground conditions. Street surface simulators allow us to measure the progress of fault gasses, as well as the heat generated by the fault, through the wide variety surfaces that cover cables in real settings.

To date, this has allowed us to capture more than twenty million burst of fault activity, and countless hours of early life fault development data.

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