The signalling power smart grid

Signet is our advanced automated reconfigurable signalling power system that allows rail operators to maintain supply continuity during extreme fault conditions.

In the event of PSP supply failure, cable fault, or if a section of the power cable is stolen, Signet first switches the circuit open in order to protect the power system. It then rapidly reconfigures the network in order to isolate the faulted or missing section and ensure continuity of supply.

Once the fault has been repaired or the missing cable replaced, Signet allows power to be restored the network, and returns the network to its original configuration.

Signet is available in 400V 3-phase or 650V single-phase versions to suit IT or TN systems.

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Signet benefits for rail network operators

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Automatic reporting

Alarms generated by Signet are sent automatically to the network management system – such as Network Rail’s Intelligent Infrastructure.

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Automated operation

Signet automatically isolates the section of network where cable faults or theft have occurred: supply is restored after fault is repaired.

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Fewer delays for passenger

Signet reduces the impact of signalling power faults on service continuity, minimising passenger dissatisfaction and potential penalties for operators.

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Operationally proven

Signet is approved by Network Rail, with over 2,500 units deployed on major UK rail projects including West Coast Main Line, Crossrail and Thameslink.

"On the West Coast Main line, Signet replaced the traditional LV power supply fuse protection systems to provide coordination and basic sectionalisation which was proving to be expensive and labour intensive and often resulted in long train delays and lost minutes. Signet solves this problem in a cost effective and controllable manner by automatically restoring power to affected signals and reconfiguring the system to isolate the fault."
Network Rail - West Coast

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