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In storm conditions, overhead networks bear the brunt of the weather’s impact. Conductors from the overhead lines can clash momentarily or be knocked together by debris or tree branches. This causes the supply fuses to rupture despite the short circuit only existing for a brief time.

Network Operators must then send staff to replace fuses in these circumstances, with operational costs, and delays to customers – especially if it is unsafe to climb poles to replace fuses.

PERCH provides remote and automatic restoration of OHL bare networks during normal and/or storm conditions. Based on proven Weezap auto-reclosing technology, it also provides communication to the network management system.

The equipment is configured to restore power safely to the circuit 15 seconds after a supply interruption has occurred. This saves associated CI/CMLs penalties and the operational costs of sending staff to replace fuses.

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Reduced Interruptions

Nested faults can be quickly identified, minimising interruptions and disruption to supply for customers


Enhanced Safety

Power is restored to the circuit using Kelvatek's "tippling" techniques - this allows the identification of a remaining fault before full re-energisation, increasing safety of those nearby

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Reduced Costs

The system is automatically restored after a short time, saving associated CI/CMLs penalties as well the operational costs of sending an engineer to replace fuses

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Focused Response

With a clearer picture of response requirements, Network Operators can focus on storm damage priorities


  • Protects networks by opening circuit breaker in overload and fault conditions
  • 400A rating, certified to 35kA
  • Monitors current overloads and assesses duration and magnitude of overloads
  • Configuration settings allow local automated re-closing; or reclose control can be via Network Management System (NMS)
  • Communicates via Scada for integration with existing network control architectures

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