Monitoring and protection for rising & lateral mains


Many multi-occupancy buildings contain ageing RLMs (Rising and Lateral Mains) that are due for replacement. DNOs have a responsibility to maintain these circuits in buildings that are in need of modernisation, reducing the risk of electrical failures that can lead to fires due to the age and condition of wiring.

Deployed in hundreds of buildings across the UK, Wattsguard combines Kelvatek’s field-proven Weezap LV vacuum circuit breaker with our Sapient network visibility performance optimisation service.

Wattsguard continuously monitors power quality data and perturbations in load patterns, allowing identification of insulation breakdown. When a breakdown is detected, Sapient issues an alarm, advising manual inspection or isolation of power to pre-empt potentially hazardous situations that may present significant safety risks to building occupants.

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A proactive approach to safety

By analysing RLM network data, Operators can proactively implement measures such as adaptive protection and remote operation, reducing safety risks to occupants.

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Adaptive protection

Analysis of load data allows Wattsguard protection settings to be optimised for more sensitive, reliable detection of likely fault conditions and fewer false triggers.

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Continuous monitoring

Wattsguard significantly reduces the risk associated with aging RLM installations, giving Network Operators advanced warning of imminent electrical insulation failure.

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Prioritised investments

Wattsguard can provide valuable information to identify and rank lower health assets, allowing operators to prioritise their investments in modernisation of RLM networks.


  • 24/7 monitoring of RLM networks in high-rise and multioccupancy buildings
  • Weezap LV vacuum circuit breakers installed on RLM network continuously monitor power quality fluctuations
  • Remote operation allows DNOs to safely take an installation offline before staff attend onsite
  • Power quality data collected by Weezap communicated to Sapient monitoring and analytics centre for automated and manual analysis
  • Alarms generated by insulation breakdown or overload conditions
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Over 500 Wattsguard installations in the UK, monitoring high rise residential and commercial buildings.

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