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Empowering Business Solutions: Meet Eilidh Young, Business Solutions Owner at Kelvatek

8th February 2024
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The Kelvatek team continues to grow with the addition of, Eilidh Young, who joins us as Business Solutions Owner. In her new role, Eilidh works closely with our Customer Performance team to align business solutions with customer needs while using her industry knowledge to derive actionable insights from customer data. With over 17-years of experience, Eilidh has cultivated a wealth of expertise in research, development, and product management through pivotal roles at ScottishPower and AMT-SYBEX.

After 7 years at AMT-SYBEX, Eilidh was ready for a different challenge and applied for her new position at Kelvatek. Eilidh outlines;

“After visiting the team in Lisburn, and seeing the hardware capabilities, the extensive services through software, data insights and the outstanding Fault Assistant Centre, I was beyond impressed. I knew I had to join a team that could deliver this level of capability and innovation.”  

A Passion for data and innovative solutions

Eilidh's journey into the world of business solutions has been fuelled by her unwavering passion for data. She possesses a keen ability to unravel the complexities within datasets and transform them into effective and creative solutions for customers. Her fusion of software acumen and operational insights will allow her to identify, explore, and deliver solutions that resonate with both Kelvatek's objectives and customer expectations.

As Business Solutions Owner, Eilidh will play a pivotal role in ensuring that Kelvatek's hardware products yield the maximum value for customers by extracting meaningful insights from the data generated by our hardware devices across the electricity network.

This will allow customers to achieve operational and regulatory goals, while gaining enhanced insights into their data's performance within the business. Analysing this data helps customers shape operational strategies, it also allows them to track the value derived from using Kelvatek equipment. Additionally, the data provides valuable information for exploring potential future solutions tailored to the customers' needs.

Eilidh collaborates closely with the customer performance team, delving into the data produced by Kelvatek's hardware devices. Her goal is to present this data to clients, showcasing the tangible benefits derived from their investment in Kelvatek's solutions. This is achieved by scrutinising the data to identify actionable insights that add significant value for Kelvatek's customers.

Outlining her thoughts on her new role, Eilidh explains;

“I'm thrilled to be part of a team that's not just delivering cutting-edge hardware but also using data and innovation to unlock its full potential for customers. It's about going beyond products and providing insights that help customers achieve goals, optimise operations, and navigate the evolving energy landscape. I'm excited to be part of shaping the future of the industry where data-driven solutions redefine network operations”. 

Envisioning the future of the industry

Eilidh expresses a clear understanding of the evolving utilities industry, emphasising the crucial role of data as a key enabler in shaping the path forward. She envisions a future where the grid becomes more flexible, aligning seamlessly with government decarbonisation strategies. This foresight is particularly significant as the industry witnesses an increased adoption of low carbon technologies.

In conclusion, with a keen understanding of the utilities sector and a firm belief in the transformative power of data, Eilidh looks forward to collaborating with network operators across the UK. Eilidh's commitment to delivering actionable insights through data analysis underscores her dedication to driving operational efficiency and her broader aspiration to contribute significantly to the collective advancement of the industry. As she embarks on her journey at Kelvatek, her passion for innovation and forward-thinking approach position her as a valuable asset, shaping a future where data-driven solutions redefine the landscape of network operations in the United Kingdom.

To find out more about the work Eilidh, and the Customer Performance team are carrying out for our customers, please visit our website: