Temporary supply restoration for multiple customers


Multi-restore allows DNOs to provide a temporary supply connection for up to 9 premises in the event of outages due to an LV network fault.

Powered by a connected generator or similar source, Multi-restore keeps customers on supply while giving field engineers valuable additional time to find and repair network faults.

Safety for workers and the public is central to the design of Multi-restore. The unit will isolate supply in the event of an over current, earth leakage or a break in continuity, with innovative zero-current trip technology providing enhanced protection levels.

Compact, rugged and easy to operate, Multi-restore units can also be daisy-chained to provide temporary single-phase supply for up to 36 customer premises.

Multi Restore


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More time to find faults

Multi-restore keeps customers on supply while a fault is investigated, reducing CI/CMLs and the associated risk of costly penalties.

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Reduced need for generators

An engineer can safely provide temporary power for up to 9 households from a single generator, reducing equipment needs.

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Enhanced customer satisfaction

Allow DNOs to restore temporary connection to end-users who have lost supply due to LV faults limiting the impact on customers.

Easy to install

Failsafe operation

In-built failsafe protection measures safeguard staff and consumers in the event of overload, earth leakage or unauthorised tampering.


  • Temporary LV supply restoration for up to 9 households by connection to generator or other power source
  • Daisy chain multiple units for up to 36 individual single phase 32A outputs
  • 32A overload protection per channel
  • Zero-current trip technology enhances safety in the event of unauthorised third-party interference with supply restoration cable
  • Live or neutral earth fault trip with residual current 30mA characteristic
  • Includes rugged case with detachable end covers to protect connectors when not in use
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