We’re driven by data

For a quarter of a century Camlin has been trusted as a world-leading provider of engineering solutions that enhance the performance and sustainability of energy and transportation networks.

That’s still very much the case. But it’s only part of a much bigger story. In today’s connected world, the real value of our solutions lies in the data-driven insights we offer. It’s this actionable intelligence that helps our customers optimise their operations and achieve better business outcomes on the road to net zero.

Innovation has always been in Camlin's DNA. We’re harnessing our cutting-edge data science and analytical capabilities to solve some of our customers’ most pressing challenges.

Driven by data
Driving customer value through innovation is a business necessity. Sometimes, innovating through technology makes all the difference.

Innovation in action: Pantobot 3D

Damaged pantographs can tear down overhead power lines, disrupting passenger journeys and threatening rail operators’ revenues. To tackle this costly problem we’ve developed the world’s first fully automated 3D wayside pantograph inspection system. Award-winning Pantobot 3D uses powerful visualisation and machine learning techniques to assess pantograph condition in real time – safely, reliably and without needing to withdraw trains from service.

Pantobot Heathrow 5
Creating winning products rarely happens by chance. Rather it requires well organized teams comprised of highly technical and creative individuals aligned to customers’ needs.

Innovation in action: LineSight

Faults to rural overhead power lines caused by storm damage can be dangerous to the public, hard to locate and costly to fix. We’ve employed advanced data modelling techniques to create LineSight, helping electricity network operators anticipate supply problems, pinpoint damage to 11 kV lines and manage faults more efficiently.

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Digging deeper into data

Our international team of software specialists, physicists and robotics experts is using data from real-world energy networks to enable innovative new fault detection and management strategies for DNOs.

Powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms sift through signals from LV cables and other assets, uncovering the real story hidden in gigabytes of network data. This gives us a detailed picture of cable routes and connectivity and history plus the presence of smart meters and LCT devices on the network.

Analysis of this dataset yields a sophisticated virtual model of network health and trends over time. By anticipating future faults or problematic changes in load profiles, this allows DNOs to take remediate action before issues cause supply interruptions for customers and potentially costly penalties.

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Innovation in action: PRESense

Evolving load patterns make it harder for operators to understand the true condition of their LV distribution networks. PRESense is our intelligent monitoring solution that provides a granular picture of network health, allowing DNOs to take action before underlying issues escalate into costly faults. AI and Machine Learning help PRESense understand ‘normal’ network conditions, only communicating relevant data back to base with a reduction in processing and storage overheads.