Temporary LV supply restoration

Safe, rapid re-connection for customers who have lost supply due to LV faults


Unscheduled supply interruptions can impact significantly on customer satisfaction. If supply to households and businesses isn’t rapidly reconnected, DNOs are exposed to an elevated risk of costly penalties due to CI and CMLs.

Restore is an effective solution to the challenge of temporarily restoring power quickly and safely to customers who have lost supply while LV fault repair work is carried out.

The easy to use system allows an engineer to take temporary supply from a neighbouring premise to the affected customer’s premises at the cut out/meter. This provides a temporary supply of up to 40A to the faulted customer – sufficient for most households for the period of the outage.

Restore ensures greater safety for consumers and staff with over-current, residual current and disconnection protection mechanisms.



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Minimised interruptions

Restore enables rapid re-connection for customers who are taken off supply due to LV faults, reducing costly penalties and disruption.

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Failsafe operation

In-built protection measures safeguard operations against third-party interference, cable overloads or delivery-side earthing faults.

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Enhanced customer satisfaction

Maintains customer satisfaction, allowing DNOs to restore temporary connection to end-users who have lost supply due to LV faults.

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Reduced need for generators

Enables an engineer to obtain temporary power from a another household, avoiding the need to deploy portable generators.


  • Provides a temporary supply of up to 40A to the faulted customer from a neighbouring premise
  • System comprises connection protection unit (trip box) with connection tails, circuit continuity tester with tough rubber sheathed cable and carry case
  • Inbuilt protection for failsafe operation to safeguard against third party interference, cable overloads an earth faults at delivery end
  • Provides overcurrent, residual current and disconnection protection
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