Energy solutions

Discover our monitoring and management solutions that help energy operators optimise network performance and drive quality of supply for customers.

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Fault & Load Management

We’re working with Network Operators to accelerate network performance, enhance quality of supply and drive a more sustainable future.

Fault Management

Load Management

Cable Health

Advanced Analytics

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Asset Monitoring

Our monitoring solutions for transformers, rotating machines and circuit breakers deliver key insights into asset health, reducing the risk of unplanned outages.



Digital Solutions


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Biogas & Gas

Our sensing and monitoring solutions help biogas plants and gas networks to optimise performance, safeguard assets and transition to net zero.

Biogas Monitoring

Odorant Monitoring

Biogas Plant Dashboards


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We are the experts

We’ve been delivering innovative solutions and services which monitor and protect networks across the energy industry for over two decades.

Trusted partner

Trusted partner

We work closely with our customers to understand their unique challenges and drive value through our industry leading solutions and services.

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Ready for net zero

We ensure networks have the resilience to meet tomorrow’s challenges as customers switch to Low Carbon Technologies and renewable energy.

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Driven by data

Harnessing the latest advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, our intelligent solutions drive strategic decision-making.

Renewable energy spotlight

We are working with key partners across the renewable energy sector to provide cutting-edge technology and services to drive reliability of the network.

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Our commitment to sustainability

We exist to engineer better futures. You’ll see that commitment reflected in initiatives to make our operations more sustainable, and to help our customers on their own journey to net zero

We are committed to net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner and are currently engaged in a Climate Action initiative with UK based sustainability consultancy 3keel.

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