LV recloser for network and fault management


Network Operators are facing increasingly complex demand patterns due to rising EV ownership and the adoption of low carbon technologies.

Weezap is an advanced vacuum circuit breaker-based switch and recloser. It allows DNOs to adjust supply arrangements to connected circuits remotely and dynamically, in line with changing load and supply conditions.

Weezap protects the network, opening the circuit breaker in overload and fault conditions and providing automatic reclosing to facilitate quick supply recovery.​ ​It also collects information about fault activity, supporting fault location with Kelvatek's SELF and MELF based techniques.

Weezap operates in conjunction with Kelvatek’s Gateway management device that can be used to trip, close and configure multiple Weezap units. It can also be integrated with DNOs’ own network management systems.

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Avoids costly penalties

Weezap can be configured to restore supply automatically within the regulatory window to circuits that have lost power due to transient faults.

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Advanced network protection

The device can emulate characteristics of many different fuse models, automatically isolating supplies in the event of fault conditions.

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Visibility of network conditions

Full power quality measurement capabilities, allows Network Controllers to assess network conditions and make strategic decisions.

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Fast, easy installation

Quick and easy for field staff to retrofit safely on existing LV panels, with no need to replace the LV board and with minimal training requirements.

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Supports network automation

It can be remotely opened and closed to support dynamic network configuration.


  • Protects networks by opening circuit breaker in overload and fault conditions
  • Can close and open circuit at LV substation either locally or remotely
  • 400A rating, certified to 35kA
  • Monitors current overloads and assesses duration and magnitude of overloads
  • Automatic network meshing and reconfiguration using embedded LV switches
  • Quick, easy retrofitting to existing LV panels with minimal training
  • Configuration settings allow local automated re-closing; or reclose control can be via Network Management System (NMS)
  • Communicates via Scada for integration with existing network control architectures
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