Our Commitment

At Camlin we exist to engineer better futures. Our purpose is deeply embedded in our understanding of sustainability as we create solutions that drive the success of tomorrow’s energy smart grids and transportation networks.

We’re supporting our customers to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the world’s energy and transport infrastructures that people depend on daily. We’re helping organisations and communities embrace the opportunities – and challenges – of a low-carbon future. And we’re equally focused on making our own activities more sustainable by investing in our people and ensuring our operations are kinder to the health of our planet.

At Camlin, we want to achieve long term profitable growth guided by balancing positive impact across people, planet and performance.

Camlin Sustainability Framework
Biomethane biogas site
A sustainable mindset is fundamental to us at Camlin. Not only is it the right thing to do from an environmental and social perspective, but we consider it essential in creating new opportunities, driving improved performance and future growth for our company.
Peter Cunningham Camlin CEO

Sustainability In Action

Supporting Green Energy Grids and Networks

Our innovative solutions for fault/load monitoring and asset management allow DNOs to optimise the efficiency of their networks and accommodate growth in consumers’ uptake of Electric Vehicles and low carbon technologies.

PRESense is our powerful Edge-enabled LV monitor gives valuable insights into load usage, LCT activity and electricity losses on the LV network. This level of visibility is key for the push towards Net Zero as network operators optimise the usage of the LV network.

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Our Net Zero Commitment

Camlin is committed to net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. We have joined forces with UK partners 3Keel to help support us on our sustainability journey . Our Climate Action initiative launched in April 2021 sees us calculating our scope 1,2 and 3 emissions as part of our commitment to better understanding our carbon impact. We will be setting and verifying a Science Based Target and developing a clear climate action roadmap to address our emissions reduction commitments. We look forward to working towards a net zero future!

Driving the Digital Railway Agenda

Our innovative train monitoring solutions support the objectives of the Digital Railway initiative to make transportation networks safer, more sustainable and energy efficient.

Rail Solutions
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Sustainable Innovation In Action

The generation of biogas from waste has exciting potential as a renewable energy source. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the gas can significantly impact the efficiency and uptime of the Biogas upgrading plant. At Camlin our renewables division is developing innovative solutions for the online monitoring and removal of VOCs at biogas sites.

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Camlin in the community

At Camlin we believe that economic prosperity is essential for communities to thrive and we recognise the important role we have to play in this. Our community programme supports disadvantaged young people through a range of professional and personal development activities helping them on their journey to bright and active futures.

We’ve partnered with local organisations such as YouthAction’s Rainbow Factory and Include Youth Northern Ireland to provide mentoring and skills development, workplace introductions and performing arts projects on mental health.

Community Safety

Storms can damage sections of the HV overhead distribution network, posing significant safety risks to the public and repair teams. Faults are often hard to locate in rural areas, increasing the time to restore supply and leaving damaged lines in unsafe conditions. LineSIGHT is our advanced monitoring system that helps DNOs pinpoint downed lines and reduce danger for the public.

Linesight Row

Investing in our people

At Camlin the health, wellbeing and development of our people are central to everything we do. Through our ‘Your Health, Our Health’ initiative we partner with local organisations to offer training and services to address healthy lifestyle choices. We’re committed to continually improve our working conditions and physical environment via occupational health and safety systems and processes across our operations. We also invest significantly in the professional development and life-long learning of our employees.

Happy Camlin Employees