Next generation in-service inspection

The railway industry is embracing the opportunities of digital transformation to realise safer, more cost-effective operations and deliver greater returns from its fleet investments.

In-service inspection of rolling stock and infrastructure assets gives network operators and infrastructure owners the opportunity to alleviate depot capacity constraints and reduce workload for maintenance teams. What’s more, automated inspection ensures greater safety for maintenance personnel while enabling streamlined workflows, accurate record keeping and compliance with regulatory requirements.

At Camlin we’re harnessing advanced Machine Learning, data analytics and cloud technologies to help rail companies understand fleet health, optimise maintenance strategies, maximise asset availability, reduce costs – and improve safety for personnel and passengers.

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Train Operators

Enabling condition-based maintenance strategies

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Infrastructure Owners

Protect your network against unplanned outages

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Seamless integration with train diagnostic platforms

Theia is the next-generation analysis platform that empowers operators and infrastructure owners to keep fleet assets in prime condition by automating real-time analysis of key rolling stock including pantograph and bogie condition.

In conjunction with our TrainVue® wayside inspection system, Theia enables rail asset owners to pivot from resource-intensive manual inspection to agile, data driven train monitoring and condition-based maintenance strategies.

Theia is totally modular, scaling cost-effectively to support the inspection needs of every fleet owner, from smaller railway companies to national network operators and their maintenance partners.

Unparalleled Insights

Icon Intuitive Data Analyitics

Streamlined information flow with intuitive data analytics tools and dashboards

Icon Supporting Data Driven

Supporting data-driven maintenance strategies with clear insights for key stakeholders

Icon Decision Making

Accelerated decision making and reduced team workload with automated reporting

Intelligent Asset Management

Icon optimiseexpenditure

Optimise expenditure with a deeper understanding of asset condition

Icon Enables A Proactive

Enables a proactive, condition-based monitoring strategy for fleet and infrastructure assets

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Avoid unplanned and costly maintenance interventions

Seamless Integration

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Seamless integration with operators existing maintenance scheduling and asset tracking workflows

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Automatic work order creation saves time and minimises operational errors

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Standard and configurable APIs ensure smooth interworking with other systems

Let’s take the journey further

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