Real-time online VOC monitoring for biomethane plants

Enabling more efficient biogas upgrading, increased plant uptime and reduced operational costs.


Growing demand for renewable energy sources and incentives to generate biogas from waste has put suppliers and operators of biogas upgrading plants under pressure to accept a diverse range of feedstocks. This leads to unpredictable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the gas that can significantly impact plant efficiency and uptime. Where biomethane is being injected to the gas grid the commercial penalties can be severe if purity levels are not consistently met.

More reliable and cost-effective than conventional Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments, BioSpec VOC accurately monitors individual ketones and terpenes as well as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and other components. This gives operators an accurate real-time picture of the removal of VOCs, enabling upgrading plants to be managed more efficiently. Advanced optical absorption spectroscopy technology is used to analyse individual VOC components in a single measurement.

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The innovative choice for biogas upgrading plants

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Flexible installation

BioSpec VOC can be installed in new biogas plants or easily retrofitted into existing installations.

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Easy integration

Concentrations, trends and alerts on VOC content are easily integrated into biogas plant operating systems.

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Simple operation

No specialist expertise is necessary to operate BioSpec VOC.

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Minimal maintenance

BioSpec VOC has minimal maintenance requirements, with no recalibration and no costly consumables needed.

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