Advanced Analytics

Data – and the insight it provides – drives everything we do. Our advanced analytics capabilities puts Network Operators firmly in control of their networks and support strategic decision-making.

Data’s in our DNA

At Kelvatek, we’re experts in distilling terabytes of network data into actionable intelligence. Our advanced capabilities in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning allow our team of data scientists, software/electrical engineers and physicists to analyse millions of data points collected from the smart devices on LV cables and other network assets.

The powerful insights we deliver from our clients’ fault and load data allow them to maximise returns from current network investments, make informed strategic decisions, deliver improved customer outcomes – and embrace the opportunities of Net Zero.

The data we collect is transparent and open, giving Network Operators powerful tools to optimise network performance and guide operational strategies.

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Enhance customer satisfaction

Increased visibility of the network enables a more proactive approach to fault management - improving quality of supply for customers as they become more dependent on the network.

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Pre-empt costly penalties

By anticipating future faults or changes in load profiles, we enable Network Operators to take remediative action before issues trigger supply interruptions for customers and costly penalties.

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Maximise investments

The forensic insights we derive from fault, asset and load data are drivers for efficiency and value – giving Network Operators new opportunities to maximise returns from current network.

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Embrace net zero

Our advanced data & analytics capabilities and expertise help Network Operators understand the impact of Low Carbon Technology adoption on load behaviour and asset health.

Uncovering deep patterns in data

Our international team of data scientists, software specialists, engineers and physicists use data from real-world energy networks to enable cutting-edge, new fault detection and management strategies.

Powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms sift through signals from LV cables, transformers and substations, uncovering the real story hidden in terabytes of network data. This gives Network Operators a detailed picture of cable routes, other asset connectivity and history as well as visibility of low carbon technologies on the network.

Analysis of this dataset yields a sophisticated virtual model of network health and trends over time, helping inform Network Operators’ long-term network management and investment strategies. By anticipating future faults or problematic changes in load profiles, this allows them to take remediated action before supply interruptions and costly penalties.

Optimising network performance with Sapient

Kelvatek’s comprehensive suite of services provides Network Operators with round-the-clock visibility and control over their LV networks.

Combining advanced analytics with the vast experience of our technical support team, Sapient transforms real-time power flow and load information collected from our smart devices in the field into actionable insights. Enabling operators to optimise network performance, manage customer demand and support proactive network planning.

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Experience in action

Avoiding data gridlock on the road to Net Zero

During this 40-minute panel recording, you'll hear a range of industry experts and influencers discuss the past, present and future role of data.

Addressing the following questions;

  • The industry has been collecting data for years, why are we considering it as a key driver for change now?
  • What are the building blocks of a successful data strategy?
  • How can the industry use data to embrace the opportunities of Net Zero?
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Data gridlock

Supporting Network Operators

We’ve been working in collaboration with Network Operators across the UK & Ireland for over two decades to support their strategic goals and help them pivot successfully to a low carbon future.

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Find out more about Advanced Analytics

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our Advanced Analytics capabilities that help maximise returns on their network investments, deliver improved customer outcomes and embrace the opportunities of net zero.

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