Kelvatek and Northern Powergrid secure SIF funding for transformative project: GridLINK

Kelvatek, 13th March 2024

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Kelvatek and Northern Powergrid’s partnership continues to go from strength to strength as they launch a cutting-edge new project, GridLINK. As part of the project Kelvatek will design and develop a Decision Support System that advises the best location for automated smart switches on the low voltage network. It will also recommend the optimal running arrangements to support consumer flexibility and low carbon technology connections.

The GridLINK project is funded by network users and consumers under the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), an Ofgem programme managed in partnership with UKRI funding. The project will run across three funding phases, commencing in March.

GridLINK will have significant impact on electricity consumers as it will facilitate quicker adoption of low carbon technologies by freeing up additional capacity on low voltage networks, reduce disruption from digging up kilometres of cable and make the network more reliable by automatically isolating faulting parts of the network.

As the technology employed is flexible, it offers the opportunity for a Distribution Network Operator and Independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO) to work collaboratively and link their networks together dynamically. Northern Powergrid are continuing to explore a potential iDNO partner for future phases.

Building on the success of previous innovation, GridLINK will establish multiple automatic switching points along low-voltage power cables linking customers to the nearest substation. Using a new digital system, it allows the redirection of power demand from one cable to another during peak usage times. This helps balance the power usage by automatically shifting power demand from one cable to another when needed. This prevents overloads and ensures improvement of the overall reliability and stability of power supply for consumers.

GridLINK aims to support Northern Powergrid by allowing the faster adoption of low carbon technology on their network which will allow more consumers to participate in the energy flexibility marketplace.

This collaboration is the first of many between Kelvatek and Northern Powergrid as the two continue to work together to push the boundaries of innovation within the GB energy networks.

Maurice Lynch, Head of System Flexibility at Northern Powergrid said: ‘We are delighted to partner with Kelvatek on the GridLINK project, this an exciting project looking to build on existing industry learnings and explore how flexibility can be unlocked within DNO and IDNO networks something that has not being done before this will provide benefits in unlocking greater network flexibility to reduce costs to our customers and further optimise our network’.

Barry Forster, Account Director at Kelvatek said: ‘Building on 20 years of innovation investment, Kelvatek are working in partnership to optimise Northern Powergrid’s performance and drive quality of supply for their customers. Developing innovative solutions that deliver tangible results for customers is at the core of what we do, therefore being awarded an opportunity to work with Northern Powergrid on such a game changing project is great news for us and we are really looking forward to breaking new ground in partnership with their team.

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