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Camlin Rail - KeliosAmey Metrolink & PanVue Case Study

15th March 2023

Evidence: Since installing Camlin Rail’s PanVue, KAM has already seen the positive impact by already identifying trams that need to be withdrawn from service with issues.

Action: Using wayside equipment, Camlin Rail’s PanVue provided a regular health check of in-service pantographs, using high resolution imaging to identify damage, missing components and misalignment.

Background: As part of KAM’s contract with TfGM, there is a requirement not only to maintain the network but also to monitor, report on and extend asset life. Having recently extended the line, KAM were looking for specialised ways to improve maintenance monitoring of the asset’s performance, improve fault response and analysis. Having carried out extensive market research, KAM looked into the benefits of pantograph monitoring and discovered Camlin Rail’s solution, PanVue.

KAM PanVue