Transformer Monitoring for Data Centre Operators

Reduce risk and maximise uptime

The data centre business model is built on 24/7 uptime and availability at peak efficiency levels. Avoiding downtime is the highest priority and a reliable electricity supply is a key element. Central to that is a transformer, the critical link between data centres and power generation.

Data centre substations operate continuously and to minimise costly disruption, maintenance must be carefully pre-planned and understood. By partnering with Kelvatek, Asset and Operations Managers can gain a deeper understanding of the risk, health, and performance of their transformers through our secure, online monitoring solution TOTUS.

TOTUS monitors the most critical components of a transformer and is the only modular solution that combines Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Partial Discharge (PD), Bushing Monitoring (BM), Through Fault Currents (TFC), and Transformer Analytics in a single system.

Transformer TOTUS Installed
Over 1,700 TOTUS transformer monitoring solutions installed at world-leading energy utilities, data centres, and renewable generation plants.

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Solution overview

Our end-to-end transformer monitoring solutions deliver key insights into asset health, reducing the risk of unplanned outages and informing strategic decisions.

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Developed for mission-critical transformers, TOTUS provides Asset Managers with a deeper understanding of transformer failure modes and how to manage them efficiently.

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Your uptime is our business. We provide a full range of expert services that deliver real value from monitoring technology, ensuring it's closely aligned with KPIs and business strategies.

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Digital Solutions

Connected Insights (CI) is an expert digital solution which provides expert analysis into asset condition, translating diagnostic data (from both offline and online results) into prescriptive actions.

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Why partner with Kelvatek?

The team at Kelvatek have an unmatched track record in delivering technology that has changed the industry and we are fully committed to continuing this journey, delivering solutions which meet key challenges and deliver value.

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Significantly reduce the risk of sudden transformer failure, associated costs and lost revenues

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Avoidance of unnecessary maintenance or replacement parts when transformers are functioning normally

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End-to-end service offering with independent, extensive expertise packaged into the product offering

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Working side by side with our customers to maximise value from assets through focus, support and collaborative delivery

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