Intelligent low voltage network monitor

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PRESense is an AI-enabled, edge-computing LV monitor that captures key metrics of network health to support proactive network management strategies for DNOs.

Installed at substations and other supply points on the network, PRESense captures high-resolution power flow data. This information can be analysed to identify developing problems on the network and indicate the location of faults.

PRESense transforms granular LV network data into actionable information and provides unparalleled network visibility. These insights allow DNOs to plan effective remedial action including network modification, traditional re-enforcement measures or replacement of cables and transformers.


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  • Compact integrated unit can be installed at sub-stations and other supply points on the network
  • Advanced data capture, intelligent triggering and real-time processing enable predictive multi-ended and multi-point fault location
  • AI/ML powered decision engine learns normal network conditions to reduce networked data transport
  • Captured data is made available for diagnosis on remote server via GSM or optional Ethernet communication links
  • Full integration with our Sapient network optimisation service
  • Mobile app supports installation process and facilitates remote reporting
PRE Sense 2


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Network heath monitoring

PRESense can help identify developing load issues, such as potential overload caused by increasing numbers of EVs and issues caused by distributed generation.

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Location of complex faults

PRESense gathers data that can be used by Kelvatek’s existing multi-ended and multi-point fault location systems, supporting accurate location of even the most difficult faults.

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Cable health indexing

PRESense can identify, capture and measure key parameters which are used to detect fault precursors on Low Voltage feeder networks being monitored.

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Lower data management costs

Edge-enabled PRESense only transmits relevant data, minimising transport and storage requirements and reducing costs of turning raw data into actionable information.

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