Bidoyng is a high-performance single-shot auto-recloser that rapidly restores supply after intermittent LV fault activity within the 3-minute regulatory outage period. Bidoyng's can dramatically reduce CI and CML figures whilst improving quality of supply to customers.

Instantly generating an alert when a fuse rupture occurs, Bidoyng captures data on the circuit that supports DNOs by calculating the distance to fault. It also collects load profiling information that can be used to support decision-making for asset replacement or network optimisation measures.

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  • Allows planned fuse replacements without interruption to customer supply
  • Collects real time load profiling information
  • Enables distance to fault calculations
  • Remote communication sends alarms and reports via email and SMS
  • Tested to 50 kA PSCC; nominal load 400 A
  • Managed via secure web browser interface
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Keeps customers on supply

Bidoyng rapidly restores power after intermittent fault activity, allowing DNOs to keep their customers on supply and reducing CI/CMLs. 

End-to-end Fault Management

Effective fault management

Detailed fault information allows DNOs to find and repair intermittent faults faster, with more efficient use of personnel and resources. 

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Extend cable asset life

Bidoyng can be integrated into existing network management systems, helping DNOs extend the life of their underground cable assets.


Safer working for field staff

It is installed in an open-circuit condition and then closed, with a delay allowing the engineer to retreat to a safe distance.

How does it work?

Bidoyng fits into existing LV fuse positions, with a primary fuse carrying load current in parallel with a secondary fuse and fault make switch.

When a fault causes the primary fuse to rupture, the secondary fuse is switched in after a user-programmed delay, allowing any moisture in the cable to disperse before re-energising the circuit to minimise customer interruption.

When an engineer attends site, the blown primary fuse can be replaced quickly and safely while maintaining supply to customers.

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