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Discover how Kelvatek's advanced monitoring solutions optimise the performance and reliability of transformers on wind farms across the UK, ensuring efficient and sustainable power generation.



Central to the success of wind energy projects is the reliable operation of assets, ensuring consistent availability and uptime. With the continued growth of wind energy production across the UK, maintaining optimal performance becomes even more crucial for wind farm managers and operators.


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Are you aware of the financial impact a transformer failure can have on an offshore wind farm?

A key asset on a wind farm is the power transformer which connects the site to the electricity grid however, these assets can develop faults before their end of life leading to costly downtime to the wind farm.

An outage that lasts 18 months can cost an offshore wind farm up to £22m.

To find out more about the cost of downtime due to transformer failure, and the role of transformer monitoring, download our infographic.

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In the case studies below, we detail how our solutions have helped a range of organisations mitigate costly transformer failures and ensure asset availability.

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Years of experience providing industry-leading transformer monitoring solutions and services.
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Kelvatek's TOTUS total transformer monitoring solution is available for both onshore and offshore wind farms. We're dedicated to supporting our wind energy partners, prioritising efficiency and reliability.

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As leading experts in monitoring solutions we help operators of wind energy facilities gain a deeper understanding of the risk, health, and performance of their transformers.

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Putting our customers first, our team of experts deliver a range of comprehensive services to help successfully deploy and maintain monitoring solutions globally.

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Partnering with world-leading wind generation farms, energy utilities and data centre operators, Kelvatek provides industry-leading transformer monitoring solutions and services.

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For over three decades, Kelvatek has been working collaboratively across industry to accelerate network performance and drive a more sustainable future.

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