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Our industry-leading solutions and services give our clients the power to accelerate network performance for a sustainable future.

Driving networks forward

Today’s energy networks are becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Network Operators are facing increased challenges to meet governments’ sustainability targets as the shift to renewable power sources is mirrored by growing consumer adoption of low carbon technologies.

At Camlin Energy, we’re focused on helping our clients maximize returns from their current investments while creating new solutions to solve future challenges.

Our intelligent solutions for fault management, cable health and load management enable Network Operators to optimize the performance, reliability and sustainability of their infrastructures.

Harnessing our cutting-edge capabilities in data analytics, AI and machine learning, we give our clients greater visibility and control over their networks.

Energy fault load management Above North America

Our Solutions

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Fault Management

We’re leaders in fault location and management – helping to prevent and repair faults, keep customers on supply and maximize returns on network investments.

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Load Management

We help monitor and understand complex power flows through distribution networks, manage network performance and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Cable Health

Cable Health

Our intelligent monitoring capability optimizes cable asset replacement strategies, keeping customers on supply, reducing penalties and pre-empting costly problems.

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Advanced Analytics

Our advanced data and analytics capabilities put clients firmly in control of their networks and supports strategic decision-making, for today and tomorrow.

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Benefits for Network Operators

Increase customer satisfaction

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Our devices provide an early indication of load issues and pre-fault behaviour, allowing Operators to minimize unscheduled interruptions.

Maximised returns

Maximized returns

We help reduce operational costs for Operators with faster fault-finding, repairs and more efficient deployment of equipment and resources.

Net zero

Ready for Net Zero

We help Operators ensure their networks have the resilience to meet tomorrow’s challenges as customers switch to Low Carbon Technologies.


Greater employee safely

Our intelligent solutions enable staff to work more efficiently, make fewer site visits and effect repairs more safely.

Your trusted partner

We’ve been working in collaboration with Network Operators across the UK & Ireland for over two decades to support their strategic goals and help them pivot successfully to a low carbon future.

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10,000,000+ instances of fault activity captured on LV networks

20,000,000+ hours of LV circuit load profile data captured and analysed

2,000+ permanent faults prevented on UK & Irish networks annually

Optimize network performance with Sapient

Sapient is Camlin Energy's comprehensive suite of services which provides Network Operators with round-the-clock visibility and control of their LV networks.

Combining advanced analytics with the vast experience of our technical support team, Sapient transforms fault, load and other real-time data collected from devices on the network into actionable insights.

Supporting pre-fault diagnostics, fault location and asset health monitoring, this information helps Operators optimize performance, manage customer demand, support proactive network planning and drive significant business value.

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Engineering better futures

Being a trusted partner within the energy industry means taking responsibility for the many challenges that lie ahead in the road to net zero. That is why we have developed policies that reinforce a commitment to sustainability, both internally and in helping drive forward our customers net-zero plans.

We are committed to net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner and are currently engaged in a Climate Action initiative with UK based sustainability consultancy 3keel.

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