Load Management

We help DSOs monitor and understand complex power flows through today’s distribution networks, optimize load management strategies and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges

Lightening the load for DSOs

Load patterns on our electricity network are becoming more complex as penetration of low carbon technologies increases across the distribution grid. With customer behaviours evolving fast, operators are under pressure to accommodate increasingly dynamic, unpredictable power flows.

We’re here to help DSOs see the complete picture in a changing world. Our smart devices have gathered tens of millions of hours of highly granular monitoring data on LV circuits across the UK and Ireland. That information gives us an unmatched picture of load patterns and their impact on network performance.

Our data-driven insights enable DSOs to implement proactive load management strategies, optimize the health of their network assets to realize bigger returns and pre-empt future problems.

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Optimizing interventions

Insights gained from LV circuit load profiles enable operators to prioritize interventions such as meshing to increase performance and asset life.

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Helping deliver Net Zero

Our data-driven approach helps inform DSO connection strategies, support sustainability goals and identify Net Zero opportunities.

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Pre-empting costly problems

Building a clear picture of network load patterns helps Operators identify early-stage issues before they escalate into costly faults.

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Building a complete picture

Our forensic picture of power flow trends over time through cables, transformers and substation assets, supports optimized planning.

Optimising network performance with Sapient

Camlin Energy's comprehensive suite of services provides DSOs with round-the-clock visibility and control over their LV networks.

Combining advanced analytics with the vast experience of our technical support team, Sapient transforms real-time power flow and load information collected from our smart devices in the field into actionable insights. Enabling operators to optimize network performance, manage customer demand and support proactive network planning.

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Supporting Network Operators

We’ve been working in collaboration with Network Operators across the UK & Ireland for over two decades to support their strategic goals and help them pivot successfully to a low carbon future.

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