Asset Monitoring Solutions

Our innovative range of asset monitoring solutions has been developed in partnership with our customers, focusing on accuracy, safety, reliability and quality.

Camlin Energy's range of monitoring solutions for transformers, rotating machines and circuit breakers deliver key insights into asset health, reducing the risk of unplanned outages and informing decisions.

Transformer 2 1066 x 602

Transformer Monitoring


Developed for mission critical power transformers, TOTUS provides Asset Managers with deeper insights into electricity transformer failure modes and how to manage them effectively.

Generator 1066 x 602

Rotating Machines


INTEGO is the only online solution for rotating machines that provides a comprehensive picture of partial discharge events under different operating conditions.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Testing


The hand-held PROFILE P3 combines online protection relay and circuit breaker testing, using powerful algorithms to support rapid on-site analysis of circuit breaker defects.

Why Camlin Energy?

Camlin Energy has a strong track record of delivering technology that has changed the Energy industry.

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