Building our culture - Camlin launches new set of company values

25th May 2021
Camlin Values

As we have navigated the COVID crisis globally this past year, everyone has been reminded just how fragile our world is, and how our lives can be impacted in dramatic ways by events beyond our control.

It has served us here at Camlin with the motivation to rethink our business and build a new strategy and realignment of our brands, all aimed at increasing our resilience as a business and delivering for our customers. ‘Articulating a suite of company values has been central’ says Camlin CEO Peter Cunningham, ‘a company defined by and living by its values seems more important now than ever in these times of uncertainty and change, we want our customers and team members to know what we stand for and what they can expect from us each and every day’.

‘We work together’ and ‘We believe in People’ provide a renewed focus on developing the skills and expertise of the Camlin team and valuing difference and diversity as we work towards creating an empowered global workforce unified in meeting our customers needs. Chief People officer for Camlin, Denise Thorne, states ‘we want an environment here at Camlin that maximises the skills, talent, and capabilities of people, both individually and collectively. We want a purpose driven culture that creates alignment, energises, inspires, and connects us all in an authentic way’.

‘We listen to Learn’ emphasizes the need to engage closely with our customers, to ask the right questions, to understand their needs and the challenges they face, building trust and strong relationships because we hear what they say.

‘We won’t accept ‘the way it’s always been done’ reminds us that curiosity and thinking differently has always been in our Camlin DNA, we love a good challenge and will always strive to find a better way of doing things. This spirit of innovation is vital to us as a business and we will ensure it flourishes into the future.

‘We’re trying to do the right thing’ reminds us we have a responsibility to do what is right for people, planet and profit and that building a sustainable business matters to us.

Camlin as a business is working hard to embed these values into the fabric of our daily work. CEO Peter Cunningham summarizes stating

“These are the cultural anchors that ground us and guide us in how we live each and every day. They shape how we view the world, how we make decisions, how we interact with each other, with our customers, with our communities. In short, they define who we are as an organisation.”

Read more about Camlin in our Values Booklet and find out more about Camlin as a company here.

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