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Sapient provides energy operators with unparalleled visibility of their networks and assets, enabling them to predict performance and make targeted interventions and investments to protect the network, optimize operations and reduce costs, all while driving a safer and more sustainable future.


We understand the challenge

As we transition to net zero the network is undergoing significant changes at an accelerated pace, bringing about an increasingly unpredictable risk environment for energy operators. Despite these changes, certain aspects like reliability, affordability, resilience, and security remain non-negotiable, emphasizing the need for operators to plan for the future while upholding these crucial elements.

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Sapient is a suite of powerful software applications for Asset, Fault and Networks underpinned by the Sapient data management platform designed for enterprise-level performance. Sapient has been tested and proven to work effectively at scale, delivering increased reliability and operational efficiency for our global energy customers. Sapient empowers you with insights to navigate the complex challenges of today, while ensuring you are well positioned for a better future.


Software Applications

The applications have been developed leveraging our deep expertise in the industry and domain knowledge encompassing assets, networks, and data management. The solution is designed to be flexible and scalable in order to adapt to your business needs. So whilst each application targets a specific use case and provides benefits in their own right, they can be combined to provide a holistic view of the performance of your network.

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Sapient Platform

The Sapient Platform is the core data management platform shared by all our Insights applications. The platform provides a common framework for the ingestion and processing of data; data management; and the execution of advanced AI/ML models. At Camlin we pride ourselves on offering a versatile, enterprise-grade architecture that has been proven to scale effectively. Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing asset management and data analytics systems within your organization, reducing IT costs and minimizing risks associated with implementation.

Case Studies

Partnership Spotlights

We have a history and culture of fostering successful customer collaborations, with a proven track record of delivery. This has solidified our reputation as a reliable partner in the industry.

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Trusted to deliver

Let’s look at some of the outcomes and transformational change delivered for our customers in the UK

1.2 Mil
consumers from experiencing power cuts by restoring power in less than 3 minutes
customers avoided long unplanned power outages
power cuts have never occurred as the fault was proactively repaired
140 Mil
total customer minutes lost saved in the UK since 2015

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