INTEGO for Rotating Machines

Developed as a risk mitigation tool, INTEGO is the only online solution for rotating machines that provides a comprehensive picture of Partial Discharge (PD) events under different operating conditions.


The only solution to meet IEC 60034-27-2 standards for online monitoring of generators.

INTEGO is a unique online monitoring solution for rotating machines that provides a comprehensive picture of PD events under different operating conditions, including variable loads plus changes in temperature, humidity and other parameters. INTEGO uses powerful algorithms that can detect subtle anomalies in PD data, giving a clear picture of actual generator condition with lower risk of false alarms.

Understanding trends in Partial Discharge activity over time gives asset managers a powerful tool to assess generator condition, plan effective maintenance strategies and reduce the risk of costly failures.

Intego GM Installation

Driving Decision Making for Asset Managers

INTEGO is one of the most user-friendly tools for PD diagnosis, enabling Asset Managers to:

  • Determine the best way to manage the generator operating condition to reduce insulation degradation and extend asset life
  • Mitigate failure risk to the asset
  • Effectively target and manage maintenance and re-investments
  • Save operating expenditures for PD analysis and PD measurements
  • Base critical decisions on International IEC Standards

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INTEGO Benefits

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Visual mapping of PD activity

Partial Discharge Energy (PDE) map offers easy-to-interpret 2D graphical representation of PD activity under different operating conditions

Reducing CI CML

Reduced downtime

Developed as a permanent monitoring solution, INTEGO allows online PD monitoring without interrupting generator operation

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Easy to install and use

INTEGO is extremely simple to install and commission, requiring no specialist set-up and with no manual tuning needed

Efficient operations

Highly scalable solution

INTEGO offers an ideal PD monitoring solution that scales from smaller industrial generator to the large power generation plants


Easy to install and use, INTEGO is an ideal monitoring solution for asset managers to drive quick and accurate decision making.

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