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Transformer Monitoring in Action

13th March 2024

Case Study Series: Connecting Data To Decisions

As the energy infrastructure continues to develop, power transformers continue play a critical role continual flow of energy. The health of aging transformer fleets can be and are influenced by a range of environmental and operational conditions which can impact upon their availability and total asset life.

Utilizing a holistic and integrated approach to transformer monitoring can significantly help to optimize maintenance and mitigate risk. Holistic means taking a comprehensive approach to the care of transformers, taking into account operational data, environmental data, external factors and previous experiences, rather than just a single diagnostic parameter such as DGA. Enhancing the potential of identifying failure modes or defects, allowing asset managers to have a more comprehensive view of their risk and ultimately make prompt and better-informed decisions.

Complete the form below to access Volume 1 of our case studies where we demonstrate successful examples of when global utilities were able to plan preventive actions and maintenance thanks to the study of the correlation of two or more parameters.

Transformer monitoring

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