Camlin Rail attend The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail

20th May 2022

Camlin Rail recently participated at The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail conference which took place in Cologne, from the 17th – 18th May 2022. Organised by Rotaia Media, the 4th annual edition of the event brought together various key players in the rail industry, with insightful presentations and valuable networking opportunities.

The conference was full of eloquent speakers, discussing the challenges of operationalisation digitalisation and the importance of collaboration on the data journey. In the Networking & Exhibition Area, a range of companies detailed their offering and Camlin Rail showcased our innovative pantograph monitoring solution, Pantobot 3D. During the conference our Product Manager, Philip Heaney, took to the stage to present how we use our Machine Vision products and the data journey they enable, to protect networks and maximise asset availability.

In case you missed it, take a look at his interview featured in the event brochure:

1. Camlin Rail has developed the world’s first intelligent 3D pantograph monitoring system. What benefits does your 3D system offer in comparison to other pantograph systems that are available on the market?
The main pain point for our customers is track access (possessions) and the associated costs with installing and maintaining conventional ‘portal-based’ monitoring systems. Camlin Rail is redefining pantograph monitoring by adopting the use of stereo vision from a modular wayside platform which consists of two vertical poles either side of the tracks. A wayside approach means our customers benefit from ease of installation and maintenance, without impacting the operational railway.

A deep understanding of our customer’s business processes is fundamental. This insight, coupled with our user interface - PANTOBOT PRO - drives how our customers interact and interpret the data to effectively drive operational decisions. A cornerstone of our business is helping our customers drive operational efficiencies and safety from actionable data.

2. Operators are wanting to be able to put collected data into action to increase productivity and reduce the downtime of their fleets. How is Camlin Rail helping them to achieve this?

PANTOBOT 3D provides accurate, high frequency, in-service pantograph monitoring compared to depot-based inspections (Some of our customers are inspecting pantographs 10 times a day vs once every 10 weeks previously). This means that our customers can protect networks and maximise the availability of their fleets by adopting the use of PANTOBOT 3D and shifting from a time to condition-based maintenance strategy.

3. Collecting data from remote assets is simpler and more economically feasible than ever. However, how does Camlin Rail’s solutions distinguish between the mass of data which is collected and the smart data that is useful for its customers?
For Camlin Rail, there are two points to this topic - there is the data the system needs to provide accurate analysis and long-term trending, then there is the data required to provide confidence and acceptance of a new methodology to pantograph inspection. Camlin have implemented data retention policies for the key long term trending data, with separate policies addressing the separate need of instant event evaluation. The key to this process is working with the customer and the multiple user groups to understand what information they need to do their job; as well understanding the long-term vision as to what can be achieved with the data.

4. There is now a wide range of digital solutions available which generate large volume of real-time data. How can Railways play their part by helping to develop new and innovative systems with solution providers like Camlin Rail?
Engagement is key. Engaging with providers as partners on this journey to a cost-effective digital railway allows for open conversations about the users’ needs and long-term goals. This allows for the development and innovation of cost-effective, focused systems, delivering real value with the concept of just because you can capture the data you should being a thing of the past.

We’re looking forward to attending more events this year, collaborating with our partners, and contributing to the digital railway of the future. If you’re interested in what we have to offer, get in touch today – we’d love to take the journey further.