Providing the end to end solution for your turbine generators, combined with next generation software capabilities and expertise.

It all begins with data, and the insight it provides, our solutions provide the deepest insights and analysis of the risk and health of your critical assets, enabling timely and strategic decision making to maximise the return on your investments. With decades of experience we have developed our INTEGO generator monitoring solution, the only system in the market to meet IEC 60034-27-2 recommendations.

We are more than just a sensor.

We have our digital solutions for the future combing subject matter expertise with advanced analytics to provide prescriptive actions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

What sets us apart at Camlin is our people, the experts of the industry. We have a deep domain knowledge build up through years of experience in the industry. We understand the increasing challenges facing the global power industry. Aging assets are being driven to work harder while asset managers are constrained by limited resources and reduced budgets. Our comprehensive range of services enables customers to generate real value from their monitoring technology.

Introducing the INTEGO

Our INTEGO Generator Monitoring system is a unique online monitoring solution for rotating machines that provides a comprehensive picture of PD events under different operating conditions, including variable loads plus changes in temperature, humidity and other parameters. INTEGO uses powerful algorithms that can detect subtle anomalies in PD data, giving a clear picture of actual generator condition with lower risk of false alarms.

Understanding trends in Partial Discharge activity over time gives asset managers a powerful tool to assess generator condition, plan effective maintenance strategies and reduce the risk of costly failures.

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Intego GM Installation

INTEGO Benefits

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Easy to install and use

INTEGO is extremely simple to install and commission, requiring no specialist set-up and with no manual tuning needed

Efficient operations

Highly scalable solution

INTEGO offers an ideal PD monitoring solution that scales from smaller industrial generator to the large power generation plants

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Visual mapping of PD activity

Partial Discharge Energy (PDE) map offers easy-to-interpret 2D graphical representation of PD activity under different operating conditions

Reducing CI CML

Maximised Uptime

Developed as a permanent monitoring solution, INTEGO allows online PD monitoring without interrupting generator operation

Digital Solutions

Next Generation Asset Management

Understanding asset and network health is time-consuming, data-intensive and complex. At Camlin we have developed our digital solutions which provide real-time calculation of health condition for assets and networks. Unlike many other providers, Camlin has a full range of domain expertise in assets, networks and analytics, with a dedicated data-science facility working together with turbine generator and network experts. We harnesses all of this together with your own expertise to generate actionable insights that prevent failures and outages, improve safety and promote predictive maintenance.

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Expert Support

Knowledge is the key to ensuring correct decisions are made to ultimately drive the right actions. Our team of in-house experts are backed by decades of experience in the theories of partial discharges, how they evolve and the impact they have on your key assets. Our experts have build a wealth of knowledge through long-term experience from field activities and real customer use cases and are perfectly positioned to support you.

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Download the Partial Discharge Monitoring for Turbo Generators White Paper

Understanding the influence of load and temperature on the specific PD behaviour can be used to confidently identify the typical deterioration mechanisms.

To learn more about the correlation of PD activity and operating conditions complete the form to access a copy of the white paper