Transformer Monitoring with TOTUS

TOTUS gives a clear view of transformer health, reducing the risk of unplanned outages, enhancing maintenance strategies and maximizing operational efficiency.

Transformer Asset Management

When it comes to big-ticket items, power transformers are at the top of the list. If a transformer fails prematurely, damages can far exceed the cost of a replacement. Key challenges for asset managers include:

  • Managing multiple transformer assets
  • Gathering relevant health data to make informed decisions
  • Cutting through the noise to see critical data
  • Trusting the data from transformer monitoring
  • Building a transformer strategy that is sustainable

More than 80% of transformer failures can be attributed to three key areas: Windings, Bushings and OLTC. TOTUS monitors them all.

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Monitoring Capabilities
Transformer Asset Managers 817 x 460

Manage Transformer Risk with Informed Decisions

Only by monitoring all components on transformer can an accurate picture of transformer health be established.

A Complete View of Transformer Health

Transformer Main Tank 1066 x 602

Main Tank

TOTUS monitors and correlates all key components in the main tank including DGA, Partial Discharge, High Energy Events & Through Fault Current.

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Transformer Bushings 1066 x 602


The TOTUS Transformer Bushing Monitor uses integrated intelligence and analytics to provide reliable and intuitive partial discharge monitoring.

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Tap Changer

TOTUS can monitor and integrate key parameters such as tap position, motor current and temperatures to highlight deviations over time.

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From Data to Confident Decision Making

TOTUSPRO Desktop 1066 x 602

TOTUSPRO Software Suite

The TOTUSPRO software suite consolidates data from TOTUS Transformer Monitors helping Asset Managers to translate diagnostic data from both offline and online sources into prescriptive actions.

Giving a clear view of asset and fleet health, TOTUSPRO helps reduce unplanned transformer shutdowns and increase operational efficiency.

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DGA Matrix 1066 x 602

Visualizing DGA

The Camlin Energy Dissolved Gas Analysis Matrix is a graphical tool to help obtain a clearer diagnosis of possible transformer faults from DGA data.

The Dissolved Gas Analysis matrix shows all diagnostic methods in a graphical matrix with a simple color code.

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Partial Discharge Monitoring Tool

The Partial Discharge (PD) Triangle from Camlin Energy is a visual partial discharge monitoring tool which provides asset managers with a simple coloured visual image (PD Triangle) indicating the presence of active Partial Discharges, their intensity and the phase where the predominant phenomenon is occurring.

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