TOTUSPRO: From Data to Confident Decision Making

We understand the increasing challenges facing the global power industry. Assets are being driven to work harder for longer while Asset Managers are often constrained by limited resources and reduced budgets.

Insights into asset condition play an important role to determine the ideal maintenance strategy for each asset, ensuring the highest investment return over its lifetime. Our comprehensive range of TOTUS transformer monitoring products and services help Asset Managers to plan ahead effectively for maintenance and replacement and to develop planned approaches for shutdown and outages.

The TOTUSPRO software suite consolidates data from TOTUS Transformer Monitors helping Asset Managers to translate diagnostic data from both offline and online sources into prescriptive actions. Giving a clear view of asset and fleet health, TOTUSPRO helps reduce unplanned transformer shutdowns and increase operational efficiency.

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TOTUSPRO Software Suite

Embedded web server

All TOTUS Transformer Monitors from Camlin Energy come complete with TOTUSPRO Web, Camlin Energy’s online server which incorporates advanced diagnostics with a graphical and intuitive display of information.

Modular software

There are options to expand software capability depending on your maintenance strategies:

  • TOTUSPRO Desktop is an additional expert tool with the ability to import offline data for deeper investigation into failure modes.
  • TOTUSPRO Access provides asset managers with a full fleet view, giving a clear picture of asset health and fleet health, reducing unplanned shutdowns and increasing operational efficiency.

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Understand, Maintain & Optimize

Standard with all TOTUS Transformer Monitors from Camlin Energy TOTUSPRO Web diagnoses transformer condition in real time.

Using advanced algorithms, TOTUSPRO Web combines data from Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Partial Discharges, Bushings, Temperatures, Load and calculated models (such as hot spots) into a number representing the transformer Condition Group, enabling fleet ranking without the need of any additional software and tool.

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Analyze Data Online or Offline

Optional Windows-based software installed at workstation, giving deep insights on failure modes, with customizable widgets able to import offline data archives.

Users can securely and easily access asset information from their desktop, with or without an internet connection.

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Visualize the Fleet of Assets

Enables Subject Matter Experts and Asset Managers to manage and make decisions across the entire transformer fleet. TOTUSPRO Access is a license-based software application managing both TOTUS and integrated third party devices across the asset fleet. It is able to check their status, visualize the transformer condition and provide notification by email.

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