What are the benefits of the DGA Matrix?

Camlin Group’s DGA Matrix gives you the power to:

  • Get quick and clear answers – See instant visual feedback in clear, color-coded format
  • Cover all the bases – Analyse your data against all available methods in one hit
  • Explore your next steps – Users can simulate the potential evolution of a fault by changing data inputted to the app
  • Share your results – The analysis report can be shared with colleagues easily

If you are an AVEVA PI user our Dissolved Gas Analysis Matrix can be implemented in PI, with data from any monitor.

The DGA Matrix can be used with both online and laboratory data, including data from portable analyzers.

DGA Matrix

Who is the DGA Matrix for?

Launched in 2022, the DGA Matrix web-app has been specifically developed for Asset Managers, Subject Matter Experts and AVEVA PI users, to provide the deepest dive into your data at the click of a button. It will be of most benefit to those who:

  • Need to process data rapidly and efficiently through all the DGA diagnostic methods
  • Want a quick and clear visual comparison of results from each of the DGA diagnostic methods
  • Need support to establish the conditions in which each diagnostic method is most appropriate to use

How the DGA Matrix works.

Interpreting DGA results takes time and expert knowledge, but the true challenge is that no single test can determine all possible failure modes. For the clearest diagnosis it is best to analyse against multiple methods, but as each involves different thresholds and dependencies, this only adds to the complexity.

The DGA Matrix web-app from Camlin Energy draws on our decades of experience to answer this challenge, resulting in a free tool that provides the deepest possible dive into your data, enabling you to make a clear, confident diagnosis.

The DGA Matrix can work with data from any kind of oil sampling source, including from online DGA monitoring systems of power transformers, laboratory DGA tests of transformer oil and portable dissolved gas analyzers.

The DGA Matrix is compatible with all modern browsers and may also be saved as a desktop or phone app from the browser, ensuring detailed diagnosis is only ever a click away.

Try the DGA Matrix today

Our DGA Matrix web-app is free to use – to get access and explore the tool today, simply complete the form below.

  • Automatically incorporates internal rules to enable those methods that depend on the results of other methods (e.g. Duval Triangles)
  • Incorporates rules for minimum gas concentration levels below which the transformer is considered to be operating normally
  • Translates diagnostic results of all industry methods into the standardized semantic of the fault types: ND, PD, S, T1, O, C, T2, T3, DT, D2, D1
  • Integrates decades of experience with DGA interpretation, especially for methods that are not 100% defined and leave room for interpretation, ie) CO2/CO method

How to install the DGA Matrix

Download our simple guide on to how to install on Windows / Mac desktops and Apple / Android mobile devices

To read more download the full DGA Matrix White Paper

Simply complete the form to access a copy of the case study.

Webinar DGA Status & Interpretation: Navigate the Standards Through Real Cases

This webinar proposes an innovative and simple approach to interpret and compare the latest DGA guidelines from IEEE, IEC and CIGRE.

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