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Who can gain from the DGA Matrix?

The DGA Matrix has been developed for Asset Managers, Subject Matter Experts, AVEVA PI users and will be of most benefit to those who:

  • Need to process data through all the Dissolved Gas Analysis diagnostic methods quickly
  • Want a quick and clear comparison of results from each of the DGA diagnostic methods
  • Need support to establish the conditions in which each diagnostic method should be used

Users will be able to:

  • See instant feedback
  • Simulate the potential evolution of a fault by changing data inputted to the app
  • Share results with colleagues easily

AVEVA PI users can implement the Dissolved Gas Analysis Matrix in PI, with data from any monitor.

The DGA Matrix can be used with both online and laboratory data, including data from portable analyzers.

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How the DGA Matrix works

Dissolved Gas Analysis is a widely used technique to diagnose insulation oil and prevent power transformer faults.

The Duval Triangle and Duval Pentagon are two of the most common methods for conducting Dissolved Gas Analysis in transformers, but there are other techniques suggested by IEEE, IEC and ETRA.

The DGA Matrix from Camlin Energy:

  • Automatically incorporates internal rules to enable those methods that depend on the results of other methods (e.g. Duval Triangles).
  • Incorporates rules for minimum gas concentration levels below which the transformer is considered to be operating normally and the diagnosis is disabled.
  • Translates diagnostic results of all industry methods into the standardized semantic of the fault types: ND, PD, S, T1, O, C, T2, T3, DT, D2, D1.
  • Integrates decades of experience with Dissolved Gas Analysis interpretation, especially for methods that are not 100% defined with strict rules and still leave room for interpretation, such as the CO2/CO method.

The DGA Matrix is applicable for any kind of oil sampling source, whether from online Dissolved Gas Analysis monitoring systems of power transformers, laboratory DGA tests of transformer oil or portable dissolved gas analyzers.

The DGA Matrix is compatible with all modern browsers and may also be saved as a desktop or phone app from the browser.

How to install the DGA Matrix

Download our simple guide on to how to install on Windows / Mac desktops and Apple / Android mobile devices

Webinar DGA Status & Interpretation: Navigate the Standards Through Real Cases

This webinar proposes an innovative and simple approach to interpret and compare the latest DGA guidelines from IEEE, IEC and CIGRE.

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