LV cable fault gas detector

Rapid, reliable identification of underground cable fault location


Locating underground LV cable faults is a major challenge, especially when they’re transient or intermittent. Arcing and burning causes emission of a distinctive pattern of gases from faulty cables and joints. Detecting these gases at the surface gives positive confirmation that the fault is close by.

Snoopi accurately identifies gases emitted by cable faults, giving network operators rapid confirmation of a faults likely location. Highly discriminating sensor technology allows clear identification of the gases typically emitted by cable faults. Logging of test positions and gas levels allows identification of lower level emissions, and supports targeted sniffing activities on untested areas.

Robust and reliable, Snoopi can be used stand-alone or connected to our Sapient intelligent analytics platform to give a network-wide picture of fault activity.


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Fewer false positives

Snoopi accurately discriminates between fault gases and natural gas leaks to pinpoint faults in their infancy, eliminating false positives and unnecessary excavations.

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High fault location accuracy

Sample readings and GPS data are communicated to Sapient, increasing fault location accuracy and avoiding repeat visits while also allowing real-time and historic analysis of results.

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Minimized maintenance

Long life optical sensor with 3-year calibration interval reduces maintenance needs, maximising equipment utilisation and return on investment for Network Operators.

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Pinpoint hard-to-find faults

Snoopi can help locate faults in multi-branched distribution networks, where the measured distance to a fault can correspond to multiple candidates for its actual location.


  • Advanced optical sensing array detects four separate gases for accurate discrimination between fault and natural gases
  • Clear, flexible non-brittle sample tube shows blockages and water ingestion
  • Water trap allows reliable probe operation in damp conditions
  • Displays single ppm value based on fault gases only (excluding natural gases)
  • On-site test results graph, post-test for clear understanding of sniff sample results
  • Onboard memory for sample data storage
  • Swappable lithium ion batteries for reduced charging time
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Optimize network performance with Sapient

Sapient is Camlin Energy's comprehensive suite of services which provides Network Operators with round-the-clock visibility and control of their LV networks.

Combining advanced analytics with the vast experience of our technical support team, Sapient transforms fault, load and other real-time data collected from devices on the network into actionable insights.

Supporting pre-fault diagnostics, fault location and asset health monitoring, this information helps Operators optimize performance, manage customer demand, support proactive network planning and drive significant business value.

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