Pantograph Monitoring System for Condition-Based Maintenance

PanVue (formerly known as Pantobot), enables automated pantograph monitoring in real-time to prevent teardown of the overhead lines and improve fleet performance. PanVue can detect accurately and reliably, any carbon wear, pantograph chipping, or any pantograph damage or misalignment. This allows railway infrastructure owners and Network Operators to optimize maintenance schedules for condition-based inspections and maximize rolling stock fleet availability.

PanVue is a fully automated three-dimensional pantograph inspection and monitoring system that allows operators to see the full picture of pantograph condition. By enabling automated inspection it can ensure greater safety for maintenance personnel while enabling streamlined workflows, accurate record-keeping, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Camlin Rail harnesses advanced Machine Learning, data analytics, and cloud technologies to help rail companies understand fleet health, reduce costs, and improve safety for personnel and passengers.

Deployed by rail operators across Europe, North America, and Asia, PanVue uses advanced 3D imaging and machine learning to assess the pantograph condition – safely, in real-time, and without the need to withdraw trains from service.

Flexible deployment options for the Pantograph system
PanVue can be flexibly deployed either in either wayside or overhead mounting frame (OMF) configuration – or a combination of the two – to suit railway operators’ requirements.

PanVue benefits for rail network operators

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Safer working

Eliminates safety risks to maintenance staff, with no need to manually access top of carriage/power car.

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Accurate, reliable results

Fully automated pantograph inspection workflow provides consistent, precise monitoring data.

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Reduced risk of line teardown

Protects service continuity, customer revenues and threats to operational reputation.

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Maximised fleet availability

Automated, real-time wayside inspection maximises availability of rolling stock, with no need to take trains out of service.

Why is our pantograph monitoring system so unique?

Find out how and why our pantograph system is the world’s first fully automated three-dimensional wayside pantograph inspection and monitoring system for rail monitoring.

Your Trusted Partner

We are proud to have a global track record, successfully deploying our systems across North America, Europe and Asia to help deliver a safer, more efficient and more sustainable railway of the future.

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Find out more about PanVue

Get in touch and discover more about the benefits of PanVue (formerly Pantobot 3D), the intelligent train monitoring solution that gives rail operators powerful insights into pantograph condition without withdrawing trains from service.

  • Real-time wayside inspection of pantograph condition
  • Supports condition-based predictive maintenance strategies
  • Reduced safety risks for maintenance staff