Main Tank

TOTUS monitors and correlates all key components in the main tank including DGA, Partial Discharge, High Energy Events & Through Fault Current.

Key Challenges

Failures in power transformer windings account for over 40% of transformer failures.

The key challenge for asset managers is finding power transformer faults in their infancy, allowing more time for decisions to be made resulting in less expensive maintenance. Manual sampling of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) can result in delayed discovery of faults, and often faults have progressed causing dissolved gas analysis changes in transformer oil.

TOTUS monitors all key areas (not only DGA analysis) within the main tank of the power transformer and correlates data for asset managers for early fault diagnoses and detection. Featuring embedded advanced alarm management, TOTUS drives efficient maintenance scheduling for asset managers, with alerts only triggered when there is an issue with the power transformer.

What we monitor call outs Main Tank What we monitor

Benefits of DGA monitoring with TOTUS

DGA online monitoring enables proper condition based monitoring to drive efficiency

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Matrix

Find out more about the DGA Matrix from Camlin Energy

The TOTUS online monitoring solution uses field proven Photoacoustic spectroscopy technology, engineered to provide the highest standards in safety and reliability. Our technology even has roots in the International Space Station, assuring the safety of astronauts.

Technology Spotlights

At Camlin Energy we provide high performance asset monitoring solutions which deliver maximum accuracy and reliability for customers.

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