UDB Protection

Safely absorbs and disperses kinetic energy and heat from explosive link box failures.


There have been increased reports of explosions caused by open circuit faults in underground distribution boxes (UDBs) - also known as link boxes. In the event of a fault the resultant expansion may cause the link box lid to be ejected with explosive force, accompanied by hot expansion gases and flames from other combustible items. While rare, these failures can present a serious safety risk to the public and field staff.

Blastguard is an easy-to-install bag of blast mitigation materials that absorbs much of the kinetic energy of a UDB explosion, while also suppressing combustion flames.

It can reduce the height of vertical travel of the link box cover from over 3m to less than 60cm, significantly reducing the risks to members of public and Operational staff in the event of a link box explosion.

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Enhancing public safety

Minimizes blast energy, heat and combustion flames, significantly reducing the risk of injury to members of the public and Operational staff.

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Effective protection for UDBs

Reduces the impact of UDB failures by safely absorbing & dispersing kinetic energy, whilst protecting against heat from an explosive failure.

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Superior performance

Blastguard has been demonstrated to be significantly more effective at mitigating UDB blast effects than traditional fire prevention blankets.

Easy to install

Durable and easy to install

Tough and durable, Blastguard can be readily retrofitted to underground link boxes with no need for special installation equipment.


  • Blast mitigation capability superior to conventional fire blanket protection
  • Height of vertical travel of UDB cover reduced from >3m to <60cm
  • Easily retrofitted into manhole, under cover and above bell
  • Available in different dimensions to suit various sizes and types of link box
  • Hi-vis orange bag manufactured from low smoke zero halogen material
  • Heavy duty handles to assist carrying, installation and positioning
  • Moisture drainage
  • ‘Danger Electricity’ warning labels
  • 12 year minimum design life
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