TDR based LV fault locator

Fast, simple, precise location of transient LV cable faults.


Transflekt uses advanced Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) techniques to locate transient LV faults by monitoring the circuit until a fault occurs naturally – caused by the normal system level voltages.

Transflekt accurately locates the position of transient faults with no network interruptions or unnecessary strain on cables being tested. Transflekt continuously gathers voltage, current and TDR reflections from the cable. When a transient fault occurs, Transflekt communicates fault-related information to a remote server for analysis of TDR traces collected before and during a fault incident.

Compact and easy to install, Transflekt can be connected anywhere on the distribution network, permitting triangulation of fault locations from multiple Camlin Energy LV devices. This simplifies identification of a faulty branch on multi-branched networks, significantly reducing the time and cost of pin-pointing faults.


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Reducing CI CML

Reduced CI/CMLs

Transflekt can locate faults during first fault activity, reducing customer interruptions, minutes lost and potentially costly penalties.

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Less time spent on site

Once fitted, Transflekt can be left connected on the network until fault activity occurs, reducing the amount of time staff are required on-site.

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Reduced need for excavations

Transflekt increases the accuracy of transient LV cable fault location, reducing the need for costly and disruptive excavations.

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Enables remote working

Device management and data analysis can be performed from any location via a standard web browser and internet connection.


  • Allows accurate identification of transient LV cable faults, including very short duration ‘pecking’ faults
  • Captures TDR data before, during and after fault occurrence for analysis
  • Flexible installation on substation, link box, customer premises or cut cable end, with no need for physical changes to existing wiring
  • Compact design allows fitting on most common fuse pillars and other network connection points
  • Simple configuration via standard web browser with no need for software installation
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi access point and webserver allows local control
  • Controlled remotely via 4G wireless link to Camlin Energy server
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