Safety re-energization device

Minimized injury risks to personnel during LV fuse replacement


Engineers attending site after an LV fuse rupture are under time pressure to understand the cause of the rupture, replace the fuse and fix the underlying problem to keep customers on supply and avoid potential penalties.

Fusemate is a re-energization device that significantly reduces the risk of personal injury when replacing LV fuses. It allows a potentially faulty or overloaded circuit to be energized safely from a distance of up to 30 meters.

When Fusemate completes the circuit, a clear LED bar graph illustrates the circuit conditions to a safely distanced operator, allowing an assessment of whether the circuit is operating normally, whether it is heavily loaded, or whether a fault condition persists - allowing the operator to safely assess the situation and take appropriate actions.



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Reduced risks to personnel

Fusemate can be operated at a distance of up to 30 meters from the fuse position, dramatically improving safety for staff.

Easy for novice users

Easy for novice users

Fusemate is easy to operate, even for less experienced or standby staff who may be called out to urgently assess supply restoration requirements.

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Rugged and reliable

Fusemate is ruggedly engineered for dependable operation under the most severe working conditions and is ideal for use by a single operator.

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Supports decision-making

Fusemate helps an Operator quickly assess condition of the circuit, and determine whether a fault is intermittent or persistent.


  • Re-energization device carries maximum load while circuit is being tested during fuse replacement
  • Remote activation at up to 30 meters from fuse position using supplied wireless fob transmitter
  • Can be used in substations, link box and pole-mount fuse positions
  • Compatible with JS and JP fuse stalks
  • Optional adapter kit allows parallel connection during live cable jointing
  • Optional adaptor kit for on-standard LV underground distribution boxes, kiosks and feeder frames
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“No-one likes electric power disruption, least of all families at home watching TV or using their Wi-Fi. As soon as a customer goes off supply for any reason, the clock's ticking and everyone's aim is to get it restored quickly. When one of our guys lands on site, all he knows is that he's faced with a ruptured LV fuse - but he doesn’t immediately know the cause. Was it under excessive load? Or is there a permanent fault somewhere? Whatever the reason, that fuse needs to be replaced and the cause assessed. And that's where Fusemate is so valuable – it lets us restore supply safely and efficiently. The great thing about Fusemate is that it gives us confidence and a real sense of safety. We also like it being so light and portable - it doesn't take up much space in your car boot or in the back of the van.”
Robert McKissick - Northern Ireland Electricity

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