Overhead HV fault location solution

Fast, accurate location of faults, downed lines and other issues on the high voltage overhead distribution network


Efficient supply restoration after HV overhead distribution network faults is of critical importance, particularly during storm conditions. Damage to rural sections of network can present safety risks for the public and network repair teams. Faults can be difficult to locate, increasing the time to restore supplies and leaving damaged lines in unsafe conditions.

Currently in development, LineSIGHT is an advanced new monitoring and fault management system and is capable of accurately locating outage issues such as downed lines and low hanging conductors.

LineSIGHT can also detect component deterioration and intermittent problems developing on the network, helping with health assessment and allowing prioritisation of DNOs’ investment in replacement and reinforcement schemes.



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Targeted maintenance

By highlighting priority areas for maintenance, upgrades and replacement, LineSIGHT realizes greater benefit from operational budgets.

Reducing CI CML

Minimize time to fix faults

Rapidly locate the causes of power outage with an accuracy of 500m, reducing the need for engineers to ‘walk the line’ to find remote faults.

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Pre-empt faults, prevent outages

Helps Network Operators identify developing network issues before they lead to supply outages, disruption to customers and costly penalties.

Easy for novice users

Quick resource allocation

LineSIGHT enables operators to allocate resources for faster, more effective interventions when an incident occurs.


  • Rapidly locates cause of outage to within 500m
  • Superior detection of hard-to-locate issues associated with broken conductors or pole cross arm connections
  • Identifies and locates nested secondary faults
  • Assists with automated restoration schemes
  • Detects component deterioration and intermittent network problems to give insight into developing faults
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From innovation to business-as-usual

LineSIGHT has been developed from the learnings of the ongoing SENTINEL NIA project. In partnership with Electricity Northwest, the £4 million Sentinel project will trial two new fault location techniques on overhead networks.

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