Automated TDR cable fault locator

Simple, powerful, effective LV fault location solution


Accurate location of cable faults on today’s complex Low Voltage distribution network can be challenging even for the most experienced engineer.

Reflekt is an automated fault locator that offers industry-leading capabilities and flexibility for experienced staff, whilst providing simple but highly effective automated test capabilities for less experienced staff.

Combining proven TDR techniques with patented fault location algorithms, Reflekt can reliably locate permanent faults in LV distribution circuits with multiple mains and service joints.

Fast, accurate and ruggedly constructed, Reflekt offers a simple, intuitive user interface and displays easy-to-understand results on the integrated screen.

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Faster fault location

High fault location accuracy helps Operators find and repair faults faster, with less disruption to customers.

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High success rate

Reflekt allows a novice user to achieve similar fault location success rates as a highly experienced engineer.

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Easy to use

Reflekt significantly simplifies fault location with no need for manual interpretation of complex TDR traces.

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Expert analysis mode

Reflekt enables manual control of all TDR parameters and live comparison of all six conductor combinations.


  • Automatically locates faults on complex cable systems with or without multiple Tee joints
  • Compatible with wide variety of cable types, networks and fault types
  • For use on single phase, 2- or 3- phase networks, and on both energized and de-energized cables
  • Confidence level in results displayed on screen to assist decision making
  • ‘Expert’ mode gives access to full traces for expert verification
  • Operation alongside Rezap Faultmaster to automatically locate faults conditioned by power restoration
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"Another Spot on result for the Reflekt TDR Cable Fault Location. The faulted cable had gone open circuit on all three phases. I removed fuses at 18:00 for 5 minutes to get a location of 38M. I returned the next day to cut away towards the fault isolating one side, no customers affected. And then isolated from S/S at 14:00 till 15:15 so in total customers were off 1hr 20 mins thanks to a spot on fault location. There were 48 customers off this feeder including shops. Reflekt showed 38m expected and 1m other candidate. This was the location of a joint from our network maps."
Gary Edgar-Ayms - UK Power Networks

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