Biogas & Gas

Our BioSpec range of gas-sensing products and solutions maximize the efficiency of biogas upgrading plants and safety of gas networks.

Biogas Upgrading

Growing demand for low carbon gas means that biogas is produced from an increasingly diverse range of sources. Waste feedstocks result in higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia which impact on efficiency and performance. Our BioSpec VOC analyser allows suppliers and operators of biomethane (renewable natural gas) plants to monitor the removal of VOCs and other contaminants in real time and maximize plant efficiency and uptime.

VOC Monitoring
Bio Spec VOC Plant Diagram 817 x 460

Data Visualization Solutions for Biogas Plants

Biogas plant managers and operators increasingly recognise the value that can be created by bringing different data sources together and streamlining data analysis. BioSpec Insights is a data visualization solution that provides a holistic overview of performance across the plant, as well as in-depth analysis of individual operations and processes.

Biogas Plant Dashboards
Bio Spec Insights 817 x 460

Odorant Monitoring

For safety, odorant is added to gas before it is distributed to allow users to identify leaks or issues with appliances. Our BioSpec Rhino system allows gas network operators to continually and accurately monitor the individual components of odorant and odorant blends, providing a 24/7 view of the odorant composition in natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen and giving complete assurance that each component of the odorant is present at the correct concentration.

Odorant Monitoring
WHITENOISE Bio Spec Rhino 04

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Discover how Camlin innovation is helping renewable energy providers and distribution network operators optimize the efficiency of their infrastructures.

  • Transformer and generator monitoring for green energy generation
  • Monitoring for existing generation and transmission assets under increasing stress
  • Monitoring for biomethane upgrading plant
  • Odorant monitoring for natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen
  • Network fault and load management for electricity distribution networks