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Camlin Energy customers have direct access to our unique expert knowledge on transformers and related monitoring solutions. We provide focused seminars and training to our customers, aimed at driving knowledge sharing and informing best practice.


Asset managers need access to reliable information that is provided by state of the art monitoring systems. Knowledge is the key to ensuring correct decisions are made to ultimately drive the right actions. Our team of in-house experts are backed by decades of experience in transformer technology, starting from transformer design and factory testing, to theories of dissolved gas analysis, to partial discharges and bushings, tap changers and long-term experience from field activities and real customer use cases. Our range of expert services enables our customers to tap into this wealth on knowledge via 3 key areas;

  • Product training
  • Expert support
  • Academic seminars

Expert guidance

Product Training

Our product training sessions provide a clear understanding of the working principles of your monitoring system, its hardware operation and the handling of accompanying software. Furthermore, dedicated training enables customers to install and commission the system on their own, providing cost reduction and flexibility. We provide in-depth training on the following areas;

  • Principles & Operation: Principles & Operation training provide insights on the product methodology, it’s working principles and useful information on how to operate the system software.
  • Installation & Commissioning: This practical course provides the necessary knowledge on how to install & commission your transformer monitoring systems. The training applies in particular to those customers who prefer to manage their own installations.

Training Schedules

Expert Support

Expert Support represents unlimited access to expert know-how on transformers and creates an exclusive platform for questions & answers while keeping efforts manageable and costs transparent.

Academic Seminars

Seminars create a convenient and open platform to share knowledge on general transformer related topics, independent from the monitoring technology itself. Our seminar program helps to increase knowledge and to exchange learnings between Camlin and attendees, improving sustainability and the decision making process for any modern asset manager.

Our seminars can be provided remotely through a web conference, or onsite at a customer’s local premises. Depending on the topic, the lecturer is typically represented by a senior product manager or a transformer expert.

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