Condition Assessment

Our Condition Assessment Service combines online monitoring data with on-site inspection, lab analysis and other offline information. We’ll help you build a complete picture of asset health, generating actionable insights to reduce risk of transformer failure


While other monitoring systems on the market can provide data trending and alarm notifications, TOTUS is unique in its ability to visually show transformer condition at a glance.

TOTUS does not simply calculate the online condition index of the transformer under scope, this condition index can be extended to show a holistic picture of transformer health, combining online data with relevant historical and offline data from the transformer’s entire lifecycle.

Our Condition Assessment service is split into the three core areas:

  1. Asset Reporting
  2. Acceptance Tests
  3. Online Tests

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Asset Reporting

Our range of transformer reports provide maximum visibility of asset health, helping Asset Managers make make effective maintenance strategy decisions quickly.

Acceptance Testing

Factory Acceptance Testing gives asset managers confidence that newly invested equipment has been designed and manufactured properly to perform reliably during its operational life. As the FAT is a complex process it requires specialist knowledge of transformer tests, procedures and acceptance criteria. At Camlin, our team of experts are on hand to support customers through this process, ensuring equipment is ready to deliver. We don’t simply review results of final FAT report, we dive much deeper in our analysis and consider underlying raw data to verify the calculations, modelling and interpretation of the transformer from the OEM. The acceptance test can be performed in two ways:

  1. Remotely and subsequently to the actual FAT as a pure document review
  2. On-site in the OEM’s facility, witnessing the actual FAT and typically accompanying and technically supporting the customer on-site

Ultimately, this provides additional confidence in the OEM’s results and gives reassurance that the transformer conforms to customer standards and specifications.

Online Tests

Our in-house laboratories are staffed by our team of experienced chemists and engineers. We can provide answers and solutions, based on a wide range of testing capabilities. We work in partnership with our customer laboratories to verify data and to develop efficient testing programs for condition assessment or help identify and solve problems. All test reports include an analysis of the data and recommended actions.

Our laboratory testing includes the following;

  • DGA Lab Test
  • Insulation Oil & Oil Quality Lab Test
  • Furan Lab Test
  • Stray Gassing Lab Test

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