Camlin Energy provides a range of monitoring equipment and data services for Transformers, Circuit Breakers and Generators. With 40 years of experience, we help our customers to translate asset monitoring data into actionable insights, for more efficient use of maintenance resources and more resilient networks.

From September 26 – 29, visit us Energy at the Doble Circuit Breaker Seminar in Pittsburgh, PA. and find out how Camlin Energy’s asset monitoring products and services are helping electricity grids become more resilient and more ready for the energy transition.

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Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Cost-Effective and Efficient Monitoring of Circuit Breakers

80% of Circuit Breaker defects can be identified by first trip profiling. This is essential for accurate condition-based monitoring of circuit breakers and gives asset managers visibility of the true condition of the Circuit Breaker.

PROFILE P3 from Camlin Energy provides a unique insight into the true condition of Circuit Breakers at all voltages, capturing the vital ‘first trip’ to show how the Circuit Breaker would perform in a real-life fault situation:

  • ​Improving Circuit Breaker performance (no more slow trips)​
  • Avoiding damage to the electrical grid and reduces the safety risk due to arc blasts and explosions
  • Enabling a condition-based circuit breaker maintenance strategy​
  • ​Reducing operational costs due to more efficient Circuit Breaker testing

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PROFILE P3 Brochure

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Transformer Monitoring

Maximizing Transformer Life

With lengthening and unprecedented lead times for large power transformers, it’s now more important than ever to monitor the health and performance of existing assets.

The TOTUS Transformer Monitor from Camlin Energy is the only monitoring unit to integrate DGA, Partial Discharge, Bushing Monitoring, Through Fault Currents and Transformer Analytics into a single system.

TOTUS gives you a comprehensive understanding of the risk profile of transformers throughout their operational life.

Trafo Überwachung durch TOTUS

More than 80% of all transformer failures can be attributed to three key areas: Windings, Bushings and OLTC. The TOTUS Transformer Monitor from Camlin Energy monitors them all.

Installations More than 1,700 TOTUS units installed worldwide.

Cost Savings More than $10M in damages to bushings avoided thanks to monitoring by TOTUS.

TOTUS Transformer Monitor Brochure

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