Spotlight: Resin Impregnated Paper bushings (RIP)

RIP bushings are made with a void-free impregnation process, designed for a Partial Discharge free operation. However, a combination of extraordinary operating and external events can result in PD in the bushings.

The resin material is not able to withstand the PD activity and will lead to fast degradation and short circuit.

Monitoring PD within the bushings is critical and allows early detection of faults, allowing for fast diagnoses and action.

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According to statistics published by IEEE, IEC and CIGRE, bushings contribute to roughly 15-30% of transformer failures globally.

In over 40% of cases the failure resulted in catastrophic consequences such as fire, tank rupture and explosions. CIGRE TB 755 reports:

  • bushings cause 5% to 50%, of transformer failures

  • bushing failures are the most common cause of transformer fires and can cause huge collateral damage in the switchyard

  • 30% of generator step-up transformer failures are caused by a bushing malfunction

The TOTUS Bushing Monitor uses integrated intelligence and analytics to provide reliable and intuitive information to asset managers about bushing health. To learn more fill in your details and a member of the Camlin Energy team will be in touch!