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Connected Insights builds on and adds to the skillset of your team, securely consolidating data-driven insights and knowledge of assets and networks and giving you the power to proactively and confidently set priorities and allocate resources.

Enabling Grid Resilience, Reliability and Safety

Maintaining all relevant asset data in secure one place, Connected Insights provides clear & accurate visibility of asset health and performance.

Rapid to implement: no physical installation required on your premises. Connected Insights co-exists with your existing IT infrastructure and software and cloud services are cyber-secure.

Every maintenance visit is fully informed in advance, helping to increase availability in the field and reduce time on-site.

Supports data-driven teamwork, acting as a platform for your team to share, discuss and agree on courses of action.

Embodies knowledge and experience, protecting your organization from loss of knowledge as experienced employees retire or leave.

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Connected Insights Empowers You and Your Team

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Easily, clearly and graphically see information without data overload.

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Quickly identify which assets are at risk and what attention is required.


Obtain all the insights needed to make compelling data-driven business cases for investment.


Protect your organization from loss of knowledge as experienced personnel retire.

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