Connected Insights is designed to operate seamlessly and securely within your existing IT systems.

Security with Complete Compatibility

Connected Insights is a hardware independent data-driven solution and does not rely on physical monitoring devices. No installation is needed on your premises and the only requirement is for data. Connected Insights is data-driven and requires data to be entered into the UI or provided over Camlin’s webservice interface.

Connected Insights operates alongside existing IT platforms. It connects to your systems with an open Application Programming Interface (API) and can receive, process and provide data back to third-party systems already used by customers, protecting and building on existing investments. No system installation or significant investment is required to establish a trial of the software.

Connected Insights is secure with strong authentication / authorization controls and critical data protection:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication/2FA
  • Role-Based Access Controls for authorising/segregating access to data
  • Strong data protection via encryption of data (both in transit, and at rest)

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Software that works with you


No physical installation required on your premises.

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Complements and integrates fully with existing IT platforms such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Historians, SCADA, Datalakes, Visualization / Reporting Tools.

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Security by design: strong authentication and authorization controls with critical data protection controls.

Software Rollout

Can be rolled out quickly and easily.

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