Asset Manager

Connected Insights works with you, helping to establish the ideal maintenance strategy for each asset, for the highest lifetime return on investment.

Next Generation Asset Management

Real-time health scoring: in Connected Insights, health condition index scores are calculated in real-time based on latest available test data for a complete 360-degree view.

Clear dashboard views: clearly and graphically see information and understand asset condition without data overload, helping you to prioritize budgets and actions for highest risk / most critical assets.

Individual or fleet views: simple-to-review trends for overall fleet health and perform deep dives into individual assets or compare similar assets.

Vendor-agnostic: Connected Insights operates with assets or monitoring equipment from any supplier.

Supports decision-making and helps answer the question:

  • Which assets should we repair, refurbish, replace or buy?
  • Which units and future plans can wait?
  • How do we allocate resources?

Embodies both knowledge and experience, protecting your organization from loss of knowledge as experienced employees retire or leave.

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Know the right decision before the question is asked

Camlin Icons Coral Analytics browser

Clearly and graphically see information without data overload.

Camlin Icons Coral Costly penalties

Quickly identify which assets are at risk and what attention is required with automated prescriptive actions, freeing up your time to focus on the most critical issues.

Common Platform

A common platform to review issues with SMEs and maintenance teams.

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Vendor-agnostic and covers a wide range of asset classes. Capable of analysing unmonitored assets via manual data input.

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