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Connected Insights (CI) is an expert digital solution which provides expert analysis into asset condition, translating diagnostic data into prescriptive actions.

Understanding the challenge

At Camlin Energy we understand the core challenges and decisions faced by asset managers, including:

  1. Capital investment
  2. Operation, maintenance and replacement
  3. Shutdown and outage strategies
  4. Life cycle value realization
  5. Resourcing strategies

Insights into asset condition play a key role in determining the ideal maintenance strategy for each asset, ensuring the highest investment return over its lifetime.

A comprehensive asset management approach empowers asset managers to maximize the value of assets across their life cycle, while reducing exposure to commercial and reputational risks. Connected Insights is an expert digital service aimed at translating diagnostic data, from both offline and online results, into prescriptive actions.

What is Connected Insights?

Innovative system design

Connected Insights is built on four design principles

Data analysis icons Extendable

Customer centric, vendor agnostic

Harness online and offline data from any vendor’s asset monitors

Data analysis icons Internet secure

Cyber Secure to ISO/IEC 27001

Maintain privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability

Data analysis icons Fast

Rapid to adopt, faster benefits

Web-portal with instantaneous direct visibility and insight

Data analysis icons Customer focus

Extensible to other asset classes

Extensible and portable to incorporate other data sets

How does Connected Insights address current asset management challenges?

Connected Insights integrates seamlessly into your business without significant software development or capital investment.

It provides expert analysis of each asset’s condition. Fast and secure to adopt, with rapid delivery of benefits including;

  • Minimal IT impact and investment, the system integrates with existing platforms
  • Fleet reports for asset managers and deeper insights for subject matter experts with configurable expert dashboards
  • Value adding collaboration features to connect communities of interest for added knowledge and learning

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