Navigate the future with Insights

A powerful software application developed to maximise investments in monitoring programs, Sapient Asset Insights transforms data into actionable insights that are proven to enhance asset reliability and performance.

See beyond the surface


We go beyond simply providing visibility into asset health. With Sapient Asset Insights users can uncover deeper insights and navigate a comprehensive, and full analysis journey with ease.

The Future is Clear with Insights


Built by the experts

Built and supported by Camlin’s team of asset experts, Sapient Asset Insights integrates various data sources and leverages sophisticated engineering analysis techniques along with AI/ML analytics to convert raw data into valuable insights and predict the performance of assets. These insights are not only actionable but are also seamlessly integrated across an organisation, enhancing utility companies’ planning and asset management workflows.

With Sapient Asset Insights, users can make informed decisions based on real-time data, leading to optimised asset performance and increased operational efficiency.

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Value of Sapient Asset Insights


Sapient Asset Insights enables operators to shift from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies minimising the risk of catastrophic failures while improving overall operational efficiency. Additionally, by leveraging the power of data and analytics, organisations can make more informed decisions, ensuring resources are allocated effectively.

Optimise capital expenditure & ROI
Minimise financial & operational risks
Reduce risk of catastrophic failure
Faster decisions, confident actions
Enhance operational efficiency
Maximise safety, protect your people
Maximise network reliability & performance
Accelerate your customer performance

Asset Health


We combine our deep domain knowledge and engineering expertise to create asset-specific models that can accurately assess the health of assets. By utilising sophisticated algorithms and data analysis techniques, these models can calculate and establish health score indexes that provide valuable insights into the condition of assets. This information enables organisations to make informed decisions, optimising operational efficiency and minimising downtime.

Sapient Solution


Sapient Asset Insights is part of Camlin's Sapient Solution, a suite of powerful software applications for Asset, Fault and Networks underpinned by the Sapient data management platform. Sapient provides energy operators with unparalleled visibility of their networks and assets, enabling them to predict performance and make targeted interventions and investments to protect the network, optimise operations and reduce costs, all while driving a safer and more sustainable future.


Value of Insights

Utilities who leverage advanced analytics and insights as part of their asset management strategies can unlock up to

in operational savings, while improving network reliability, optimising expenditures and mitigating risks.


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About Camlin

Camlin stands out from other companies due to the depth of our industry experience and asset expertise. Our asset solutions are designed to translate, automate, and apply real-life experiences that have been accumulated over decades of work in the field. With a proven track record of project delivery, Camlin takes a proactive stance in understanding and meeting the evolving needs our customers, ensuring their success in achieving their objectives.